Ryall Graber : The Resolute Competitor

Ryall Graber

Ryall Graber is a Canadian professional fitness competitor. She currently resides in Bridgetown, Barbados. Throughout her life, Ryall was a very competitive individual. She was greatly interested in sports and would participate in sports such as gymnastics, running and soccer in her school and college years. Throughout her life, Ryall has always given her all in any venture she has undertaken.

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Facts about Ryall Graber

  • Received her IFBB Pro Card the same year she started competing in amateur bodybuilding shows.
  • Owns a line of fitness apparel called ‘RyFit.’
  • She is also a certified Nutrition Coach.
  • She is endorsed by Optimum Nutrition, a very famous supplement manufacturer.
  • She has appeared in Oxygen magazine and the nutrition feature on E! Channel
  • One of her inspiration is Adela Garcia, a fellow Pro Fitness competitor.
  • Her favorite muscle group to train is shoulders, and least favourite is hamstrings.
  • She also works as a dental hygienist.
  • Founded a nutrition and fitness consulting company called “RyallFitness International.”

Bodybuilding Career

Her amateur career was very short. Since she was far ahead of her peers at amateur shows, she obtained her IFBB Pro Card in a short span of time. With an IFBB Pro Card, she was able to compete for prize money and pursue competing in Fitness competitions as a full-time job. The competition, however, at professional events proved to be on another level. She placed 11th in her first professional competition, the 2011 IFBB New York Fitness Pro.

In 2011 and 2012, she had several top 10 finishes, and this enabled her to qualify for the 2012 Fitness Olympia competition, the most prominent competition in the world. Although she only managed to finish in 7th place, she was one step closer to achieving her lifelong goal; winning the Fitness Olympia title.

Over the next four years, she consistently placed in the top 10 of every competition she entered.

Her biggest accomplishments to date are winning the 2013 Arnold Brazil and the 2013 Toronto Pro Supershow back to back. With these two victories, her meticulous planning and effort at the gym had paid off. Her self-confidence skyrocketed and she now truly believed that she was capable of competing at the highest levels of Fitness Bodybuilding. In 2015, she won the Toronto Pro Supershow again.

Recently, she won the 2017 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro. This win has qualified her for the 2017 Fitness Olympia. Perhaps this year, the tide can turn in her favour, and she can secure a top 3 finish.


According to Ryall, fitness is a lifestyle. Bodybuilding as a profession demands a lot of dedication. From cooking and packing meals to training, stretching and posing a tremendous amount of commitment and sacrifice is required.

Ryall also states that nutrition is the most vital part of staying fit. While training and rest are essential, ineffectively fuelling your body is futile. She believes that 60% of the results seen are due to nutrition while the remaining 40% of results are equally split between training and rest.

The dedication and sacrifice that one must make to be successful in this sport are what makes Ryall continue to work harder and smarter. She has always been and will always be the perfect example of a competitor.

Contest History

  • 2017 IFBB Mr Olympia 4th
  • 2016 IFBB Arnold Classic Ohio 7th
  • 2016 IFBB Arnold Classic Australia 3rd
  • 2016 IFBB Arnold Classic Asia 7th
  • 2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Ohio 7th
  • 2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Brazil 6th
  • 2015 IFBB Toronto Pro 1st
  • 2015 IFBB Mr Olympia 8th
  • 2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe 6th
  • 2015 IFBB Nordic Pro 2nd
  • 2014 IFBB Arnold Classic Ohio 6th
  • 2014 IFBB Arnold Classic Brazil 5th
  • 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro 6th
  • 2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Championships 3rd
  • 2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Ohio 6th
  • 2013 IFBB FIBO Germany 2nd
  • 2013 IFBB Mr Olympia 7th

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