Long Wu 吴龙 – The Chinese Motivator

Long Wu is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder with all the right formulae to make it big. He is renowned for being the first ever IFBB professional bodybuilder from China, winning laurels and constantly motivating Chinese athletes and aspirers. He is a fitness model, sponsored athlete, and bodybuilder all in one, making it clear that he has come to rule the fitness industry.

The journey so far:

  • Long Wu was distinguished as a bodybuilder once he entered the bodybuilding circuit in 2010. Through tough and thorough training, practice and dieting, he moved to the US to compete as China didn’t have any Pro shows.
  • California is a hub for bodybuilding, which is where Long ended up. He grew as a bodybuilder and attained invaluable experience which propelled his drive to move forward. He joined team ‘zero gravity’ after encouragement from a judge named Tamer at one of his shows.
  • Nonetheless, it has only been upwards for Long and he has great potential to be next in line with many great bodybuilders.

Family support for Long:

  • The shredded bodybuilder has a daughter named Ava. He promises to bring her various gifts such as trophies from his shows and competitions.
  • Long believes that his true support and encouragement stems from his girlfriend, who stood by his side at all times. When he expressed his desire to become a professional bodybuilder to her, she immediately started drawing up plans and schedules for him. He has achieved great heights due to her support.

Training Regime and Nutrition:

  • Long incorporates a variety of exercises to attain his sinewy physique. He enjoys intensity in his workouts as an impetus to building lean muscle and mass. His favourite exercise is the dumbbell bicep curl.
  • He conditions his triceps using machines or free weights, exerting as much stress as possible to tone them. He then focuses on bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups, also adding in a fair amount of cardio to improve his acutely defined muscles.
  • Long targets 100% natural foods to maintain his body. He is firmly against steroids and cheat meals.
  • He eats traditionally Chinese and western foods for health. He gorges on chicken, beef, turkey, Chinese stir-fry and salad dishes.

Laurels won by Long:

  • Long started off his career by earning his Pro Card in ‘Olympia Amateur Asia’ in Hong Kong in 2015. This gave him the confidence to move to California in July 2016.
  • His awaiting fortune was a pro show in San Diego, where he signed up with ‘team zero gravity’, in 2016.
  • He ended up ranking in the top 10 in Arnold Classic in 2016.
  • All set to raise the bars high and fulfil expectations, he has ranked 2nd in many professional shows after that. He has now been signed up for Mr. Olympia, where he will compete and make China proud.

Pearls of Wisdom for Long’s story:

Bodybuilding is a career that requires courage and patience in order to make it big. Long has repeatedly proved that he is nothing but ready for every curve the fitness industry throws at him and emerge a fighter from them. Long has redefined strength and power and his path is only upwards from where he started.

Contest History

  • 2018 Battle In The Desert Pro Men’s Physique – 2nd
  • 2018 Vancouver Pro Men’s Physique – 3rd
  • 2018 San Jose Pro Men’s Physique – 3rd
  • 2018 Northern Cal Pro Men’s Physique – 3rd
  • 2018 California Night of Champions Pro Men’s Physique – 5th
  • 2017 IFBB Arnold Classic Ohio – 10th
  • 2017 IFBB Mr Olympia – 14th


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