Damion Ricketts : The Army Veteran

HeightWeightDate of BirthNationality
5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)145 - 155 lbs (65.8 - 70.3 kg)Sept 25, 1985Jamaican

Damion Ricketts is an American IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. Born on the 25th of September, 1985, in St Ann, Jamaica, Damion lived there until he was 13 years old. After that, he moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his family. He was first introduced to bodybuilding while watching a TV show that featured Ronnie Coleman. It was during this time that he began to train with weights and was obsessed with improving his physique. From a young age, Damion was greatly interested in sports and loved competing with others. When he moved to America, his favourite sports were soccer and wrestling. Even when he was deployed in Iraq, Damion continued to work out and maintain his physique with the dream of competing on stage one day.

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Facts about Damion

  • He is an ex-US Marine.
  • He stands at a height of 5’ 6” and weighs around 165 lbs.
  • He is also a certified personal trainer and trains his clients to be the best version of themselves.
  • Ronnie Coleman had been his role model since childhood.
  • His favourite muscle groups to train are his quads and back.
  • He doesn’t prefer to group muscles during training.
  • He is also studying to be a pilot.

Bodybuilding Career

After Damion returned to the US, he decided to compete in a show to see how it felt. He entered his first competition at the 2008 NGA Muscle and Figure Classic in the lightweight division. Since he had worked out for so long with great consistency and dedication, his physique was miles ahead of the other competitors. He won 1st place and realized he loved the atmosphere and competing on stage.

Damion’s next competition was the 2008 Georgia State SNBF. He won 1st place. At his next contest, the 2008 NPC Eastern Seaboard Bodybuilding, he finished in 1st place again. These results helped increase his confidence and self-belief substantially. At the 2012 NPC Atlantic USA Bodybuilding, Damion won 1st place. He could now compete at the NPC National Championships to fight for an IFBB Pro Card. His next goal was to get an IFBB Pro Card and compete in shows as a professional bodybuilder.

At the 2012 NPC National Championships, Damion only finished in 5th place. It wasn’t enough to receive the coveted Pro Card. He decided to put in more effort into his training and nutrition over the next year. A year later, at the 2013 NPC National Championships, he finished in 1st place. With this win, he obtained the Pro Card and was now eligible to compete in professional shows sanctioned by the IFBB, with prize money for the winners.

At his first professional competition, the 2015 Europe Pro Phoenix in the 212 division, Damion only finished in 17th place was a harsh reminder that while he may have been the best among amateur competitors, the professional circuit was on a different level.

His next competition was the Lou Ferrigno Classic, where he finished 15th. With the last few results, Damion decided to move to the Classic Physique division, which he felt he was more suited for, due to his bone structure and proportions. Damion put in a lot of effort in the off-season to improve his physique to be able to compete with the top guys.

His labor proved to be fruitful. At the 2016 Joe Lindsey USA Classic Physique, Damion won 1st place. He qualified for the famous Mr. Olympia competition. At the 2017 IFBB Fit World Pro, he finished in 5th place. At the 2017 IFBB Vancouver Pro, he finished in 8th place.

At the 2017 Mr. Olympia, Damion only managed a 16th place finish. With a better contest prep and slight improvements to his physique, he can surely break the top 10 next year.

Contest History

2015Ferrigno Legacy, Classic PhysiqueIFBB16th Place
2016Mr Olympia, Classic PhysiqueIFBB

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