Antoine Williams : The Enduring Champion

Antoine Williams Mr Olympia

Antoine Williams is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and Men’s Physique competitor. He competes in the Men’s Physique division since he believes bodybuilding is also about proportions and aesthetics, rather than just muscle size.

His dedication to the sport is apparent from the hard work and effort he has put in over the years. His large support group has helped him stay focused during the tough times and has helped him achieve an enormous amount of success in all his endeavours. He is a law enforcement officer by day and is a great role model to kids across the world. He is an excellent example of someone who pursues their dreams irrespective of how hard the circumstances might be.

Facts about Antoine

  • He is an active police officer and a certified personal trainer
  • He began to compete in local competitions in his late 30s
  • He is a fan of the NFL team, Dallas Cowboys
  • He is sponsored by Active Urban Wear, a popular apparel line and also by Street Fit Apparel
  • He is also sponsored by TC Muscle and Tactical Sports nutrition, a supplement seller
  • He gets his daily meals from Icon Meals, a healthy food delivery service
  • He is a big fan of motorcycles
  • He is coached by Brian Hoydic, a fellow IFBB Pro


Bodybuilding Career

Antoine had always loved to weight train and was a certified personal trainer for a long time. With encouragement and support from family and friends, he decided to begin competing on stage.

His first competition was the 2013 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic. He finished in 1st place in the over 35 division. With this result, he earned his IFBB Pro Card and could participate in the IFBB sanctioned professional shows.

His first professional show was the 2015 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro. He only managed to finish in 17th place. At his next competition, the 2015 Prestige Crystal Cup, Antoine finished in 16th place. The series of unimpressive results made him question his decision to compete on stage. Yet, he refused to give up and continued to work hard. At the 2015 Pittsburgh Pro Masters Championships, he finished in 1st place.

The following year proved to be more successful for Antoine. He finished in 4th place at the 2016 Karina Nascimento Pro. At the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival, he finished in 11th place. The competition proved to be too tough and motivated him to improve every aspect of his hysqiue and posing. At the 2016 IFBB Phil Heath Classic, he finished 7th.  He placed 15th at the 2016 Eastern Seaboard Pro.

Finally, at the 2016 IFBB Dayana Cadeau Classic, Antoine won his first professional competition. It was a long time coming, and he thoroughly deserved the victory. With this win, he qualified for the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition. He has finally achieved his goal of competing on the biggest stage of bodybuilding in the world, with the best athletes across the globe. He also finished in 3rd place at the 2016 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro.

He began 2017 with a 5th place finish at the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro. It was evident that he was improving with every year, despite his age. At the 2017 IFBB Toronto Pro, he finished in 5th place. His next result was a 6th place at the 2017 IFBB Mile High Pro in the Masters category.

At the 2017 Mr. Olympia, he could only finish in 16th place. Perhaps with a little more work on his physique and posing, he stands a better chance to finish amongst the top 10 in the Olympia next year.


Contest History

  • 2017 Pittsburgh Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique, 5th place
  • 2017 Toronto Pro Supershow, IFBB Men’s Physique, 5th place
  • 2017 Mile High Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique Masters, 6th place
  • 2017 Mile High Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique, 15th place
  • 2016 Karina Nascimento Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique, 4th place
  • 2016 Arnold Sports Festival, Men’s Physique, 11th place
  • 2016 Phil Heath Classic, IFBB Men’s Physique, 7th place
  • 2016 Eastern Seaboard Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique 15th place
  • 2016 Dayana Cadeau Classic, IFBB Men’s Physique, 1st place
  • 2016 Kentucky Muscle Pro, Men’s Physique, 3rd place
  • 2015 Pittsburgh Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique, 17th place
  • 2015 Prestige Crystal Cup, IFBB Men’s Physique, 16th place
  • 2015 Pittsburgh Pro Masters Championships, IFBB Men’s Physique Masters Over 35, 1st place
  • 2013 Ronnie Coleman Classic, NPC Men’s Physique Masters Over 35, 1st place
  • 2013 Ronnie Coleman Classic, NPC Men’s Physique Class B, 4th place

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